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VR experience

My identity is this expanse

'My Identity Is This Expanse!' is a virtual reality film and installation written and directed by Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron that tells the story of a child who, resilient to despair, seeks relief through memories, imagination, and the strength of poetry. Mahmoud Darwish’s poem, 'If I Were Another,' is both the child‘s and the viewer’s entrance into this realm of relief and resilience.

Combined with the memory of a missing mother and family, the poem guides and sustains the child amidst the grueling reality of exile, violence, and confinement to a wooden box — both a hiding place and mode of transport for refugee children.

The journey is based on the true story of Yunus Yusuf, who was transported under these circumstances from Afghanistan to Luxembourg at the age of 13. It is also the story of millions of other refugee children and adults, both today and throughout history.

'My Identity Is This Expanse!' received the award for BEST SOUND at the 360 Film Festival 2020 in Paris.



Our mission:

Sound design: Oliver Lang
Audio implementation: Cédric Fischer, Damiano Picci
Music recording: Cédric Fischer
Mixing: Cédric Fischer
Audio editing: Cédric Fischer, Oliver Lang
3D audio mixing: Cédric Fischer


Production company: a_BAHN (LU)
In association with: Zeilt productions (LU)
Authors: Karolina MARKIEWICZ and Pascal PIRON
Directors: Karolina MARKIEWICZ and Pascal PIRON
VR artistic collaboration (dream sequences): Tamiko THIEL
Voices: Elisabet Johannesdottir, Jules Werner, Pitt Simon, Catherine Elsen, Lara Windeshausen, Christina Khoury, Ben Andrews, Eddie Hudson
Music: Kevin Muhlen, Nataša Grujović
With the support of: Film Fund Luxembourg (LU)

Nominations / Awards:

Awards :
CINEQUEST (USA) 2021 : Best Immersive VR award
360 Film Festival 2020 (Paris, FR) : Best Sound Award

Nominations :
Raindance Immersive Award (London, UK) 2021 : Immersive Award
Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis (LU) 2021: Best XR Work
Palm Springs International Animation Festival&Expo (USA) 2020
Real World XR Awards (AU) 2020



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