MAD TRIX is based in the 1535° creative hub in Differdange, Luxembourg. Here, we enjoy being surrounded and inspired by creatives, partners and friends. We are able to realise every step of our projects in our office and atelier - from the idea and concept creation up to the realisation, construction and assembly. 

In our projects we do not shy away from creative challenges. Our diverse backgrounds and variety of skills allow us to cover a wide range of expertise, services and practical knowledge in order to always deliver a great result.

As much as we love realising our own ideas, we also enjoy working in bigger teams, helping others carrying their projects to completion.


Caught your attention? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and swing by. We’ll be happy to show you our universe and introduce you to our world. 




//1535°creative hub


[unique experiences]

[immersive spaces]

[interactive media]

[concepts + ideas]


[conception + design]

[sensors + electronics]

[interactive media]

[audio for virtual reality]

[hardware manufacturing + 3d printing]

[light design]

[creative coding]