Trinity is a scalable 3D-loudspeaker-system developed by Mad Trix in partnership with Unison Studios. Its strength lies in the combination of tech-service, audio-content and the 3D-loudspeaker-system itself. Trinity takes care of everything from preliminary conversation with the customer in order to determine the needs and the scope of the project. Then, continues with the setup and calibration of the ready-to-play system. The customer’s audio-material is specially created and adapted for 3D playback. Trinity can be tailored and configured individually and is therefore perfectly suited for every project. Being a fully integrated hardware-content-service package, no technical knowledge on the part of the client is needed in order to deploy Trinity. 

​The application possibilities of Trinity are widespread. It is frequently used in the context of art, for example in galleries or exhibitions, during live performances or happenings. 3D-audio is capable of elevating an experience to a whole other dimension. Trinity can augment and anchor the impact of an oeuvre or an entire exhibition on a subconscious and emotional level. In the context of events, the use of spatial sound completes the perception of a performance or presentation. 

Our mission

concept, research and development, renderer optimization, IP-audio-network support



Unison Studios





pfh* (2020), the uncanny valley (2018)