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interactive sound installation


Trialogue is a piece of urban furniture offering a futurist spot of relaxation. This space dedicated to humans features at the same time an environment of exchange and a space of calmness and meditation.

Trialogue is a tiny green island, bringing back nature into urban environments. The plants combine vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. This multisensorial garden calls for discovery whilst offering a nutrient medium for insects.

Trialogue is a multimedia installation. Self-sufficient and powered by the sun, it translates in real time the meteorological data all around the garden into the universal language of music.

Trialogue was imagined and realized by SONIC INVASION in partnership with Ruth Lorang and the support of BLIIIDA and eFluid, in the scope of PRIIIX BLIIIDA and of project “Noé - Noah”, supported by the European Union in the scale of program Interreg V A Grande Région.




Yannick Neuvillers

Prizes / Nominations:

Winner of PRIIIX BLIIIDA 2018


TCRM Bliiida, Siren’s Call 2019, Wine for your senses 2019, Food For Your Senses 2019, 1535° Creative Hub, Koll an Aktioun 2019, Constellations de Metz 2019, Futuroklatsch Metz 2018, Makerland Metz 2019


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