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AR App

Wild Cities

A voice-activated AR story that boosts kids’ eco empathy by empowering them to grow their own virtual forest.

Climate change, deforestation, and urbanization are affecting the world in ways that impact us all, but the loss of natural habitats and wildlife is invisible to many urban kids.

Wild Cities is an Augmented Reality storytelling app for iOS and Android that lets kids experience nature anywhere.

By growing and caring for a living virtual forest, nurturing local animal species, and using their voices to interact with wildlife, players will forge a personal connection to nature.



Our mission:

Sound design: Oliver Lang
Music composition: Damiano Picci


Production companies: a_BAHN (LU), Jam3 (CA)
With the support of: Film Fund Luxembourg (LU), CMF (CA)
In partnership with: Luxembourg Natural History Museum, City of Toronto

Nominations / Awards:

Nominations: FIPCADOC International Documentary Festival 2022



check out our YouTube channel:

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