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immersive scenographic installation

Pavillon Source Bel-Val

The ‘Source Belval’ pavilion can be seen as a huge immersive machinery, which reflects the history of the source. In fact, the whole project is a memorial to the ‘Source Belval’ whose water was of excellent quality and was exported worldwide until 1935 when the steel industry made its consumption impossible.

With its circular architecture the pavilion is part of the 'loop route’ in Sanem and serves as a resting point and restaurant. But it also fulfils an educational purpose through the augmented reality, which gives an insight on how the site looked in the past. Furthermore, the pavilion amazes the visitors with its immersive scenography through sound and light.



Our mission:

3D soundsystem: Cédric Fischer, Oliver Lang, Eric Slunecko
Installation light-sculpture: Cédric Fischer, Oliver Lang
Light programming: Damiano Picci
Technical planning: Oliver Lang


A creation by the architects, Bebunch and the artist-scenographer XR, Laura Mannelli
Immersive scenographic installation
Création originale, conception et direction créative: Laura Mannelli
Textes conte audio et illustrations : Laura Mannelli
Réalisation et Design Immersif AR : Frederick Thompson
Technologie sonore immersive & implémentation New Media : Mad Trix
Composition, sound design et performance sonore : Damiano Picci (Mad Trix)
Voix de la source: Catherine Elsen
Maître d’ouvrage : Commune de Sanem
Production : Commune de Sanem
Avec le support de : AGORA

Nominations / Awards:




Making of video:

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